Our Online Courses

Take a look at what courses are offered online, and in which semester.
Courses for the JPSM MS and PhD degree programs may not be taken online.

The IPSDS is an online program that does not follow a traditional academic calendar, and as such, does not recognize some holidays or breaks.
Please check course schedules listed on the syllabi for meeting dates and times.

Upcoming Offerings
Fall 2018

SURV 627: Experimental Design For Surveys

SURV623: Data Collection Methods

SURV 699C: Introduction to Python and SQL

SURV 400: Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science

SURV 725: Item Nonresponse and Imputation

SURV668: Privacy Law

SURV626: Sampling


Current Offerings

Summer 2018

SURV 665: Intro to Real World Data Management

SURV 699C: Python/ SQL

SURV 699M: Review of Statistical Concepts

Past Offerings
Spring 2018

SURV 747: Practical Tools for Sampling & Weighting

SURV 751: Intro Big Data & Machine Learning

SURV 735: Data Confidentiality

SURV 631: Questionnaire Design

SURV 736: Web Scraping

SURV 752: Data Visualization

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