Our Online Courses

Take a look at what courses are offered online, and in which semester.
Courses for the JPSM MS and PhD degree programs may not be taken online.

Upcoming Offerings
Summer 2018

SURV: Data Management

SURV: Experimental Design


SURV: Python

SURV: Intro to Stats


Current Offerings

Spring 2018

SURV 747: Practical Tools for Sampling & Weighting

SURV 751: Intro Big Data & Machine Learning

SURV 735: Data Confidentiality

SURV 631: Questionnaire Design

SURV 736: Web Scraping

SURV 752: Data Visualization

Past Offerings
Winter 2017/18

SURV 726: Multiple Imputation

SURV 656: Web Survey Methodology

SURV 701: Analysis Of Complex Sample Data

SURV 667: Record Linkage with Big Data Applications

SURV 699A: Usability Testing for Survey Research

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